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At a minimum, please answer the following questions when filling out your project details:

  • What was the client’s brief? 
  • Why is the project unique?
  • What were the biggest challenges or unforeseen problems you faced?
  • What creative solutions were implemented to satisfy the project requirements?
  • What innovations were developed or adopted as part of the project?
  • How was the project constructed? What was the construction sequence?
  • Were there any innovative products or methodologies used?
  • What do you attribute to the success of the project?
  • What are you most proud of? What was your biggest achievement?
  • What can the construction community learn from the project?
  • Include quotes from key project personnel commenting on the project.

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How does it work?

Submit information about your projects and we will publish stories about them on our website and social media

  1. Submit your project information through our online form or submit a completed article in accordance with our project article publishing guidelines. 
  2. We will review all submissions each month and choose the best for publishing.
  3. If your submission is chosen, we will write up an article and create a video (where footage is submitted) and publish it on our website and social media.
  4. The article is linked to your company page on our website.

For a fee we can prioritise your submission and guarantee that it is published. This also allows you to take ownership of the article for publishing on your own website. Learn more about our content creation services here.

Why submit your projects?

Showcase your work and get the recognition you deserve

So you’ve worked hard to develop an impressive solution to a complex technical problem on site? Or you’ve successfully finished a project no one thought was feasible by thinking outside the square? Share your achievement by getting it documented on This Is Construction and demonstrate your expertise and capability to the whole industry.

  • Get free journalistic articles written about your projects
  • Build a portfolio of your best work
  • Demonstrate your expertise to a broader audience
  • Become known as an industry thought leader

What are we looking for?

We showcase Australia’s unsung construction projects - big and small

We accept articles from anyone that has expertise in the design and construction of structures: engineers, architects, designers, specialty consultants, head contractors, product suppliers and more. We create articles on the technical aspects relating to design and construction. Stories may be about construction methodology, temporary works, architectural design, structural engineering, building tech, etc.

Remember that this is a construction publication, so preference is for the story to intertwine with the actual construction. For example, if talking about the architectural design, include how the design came to life through the construction process or what construction challenges were faced related to the design.

We aren’t looking for the longest tunnel or tallest building. We are just looking for projects with an interesting aspect. This may be a unique challenge or problem that had to be solved, something unexpected that went wrong during the project or a creative solution to solve the project brief.

We want to hear about the challenges faced by everyday projects and how those challenges were overcome by using creative and lateral thinking to create innovative solutions to build Australia’s buildings and infrastructure.

The best stories have key learnings that we can take away to make us all better at our jobs. Our audience is made up of construction professionals (engineers, architects, project managers, designers, etc.) so the more technical your story, the better!

The key is not to focus on the project in its entirety, but on a certain interesting aspect of the project. For example, we wrote a story on The London apartments by Camillo Builders in Port Melbourne. 

The building itself is a standard apartment building but our story focused on the unique basement retention system that was employed after the team realised ground anchors wouldn’t work in the poor soil conditions, instead using 1 m diameter hydraulic mega braces to temporarily support the basement walls.

The project should be either completed or nearing completion and we are looking for Australian projects only.

Our selection criteria

We will select projects that are most unique, innovative, educational and interesting

When use a range of judging criteria to select projects.

Our primary criteria when judging submissions is as follows:

  • Unique - does it involve something a bit different or special?
  • Innovative - did you develop something new that hasn’t been done before?
  • Educational - will it give the reader any learnings to take away?
  • Interesting - does it pique curiosity making the reader want to learn more?

We also use secondary criteria as follows: 

  • Technical - does it involve some interesting technical concepts?
  • Practical - does it make the reader better at their job?
  • Relevant - is it fairly recent or topical?

Preference is also given to stories accompanied by high quality photos and drone footage of the subject matter taken during construction and diagrams or drawings to help explain technical concepts.

Tips for your submission

To increase your chances of getting published keep some of these key tips in mind when submitting your info:

  • This is a construction publication. Include plenty of detail on the construction aspects. Include a clear step-by-step sequence of the construction process when the subject matter involves a complex construction sequence.
  • Include the HOW: How was the design developed? How was it constructed? How does it stay standing up? How did workers get access?
  • Submit plenty of photos and videos of the construction. Also some of the finished product.
  • Include key facts 
  • Include as much detailed information in your submission as possible.

If you’re submitting an article, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Less is best: Try to focus on 1 or 2 (maximum 3) things about the project that are interesting. Sure there might be 5 interesting things about the project but this will be information overload for the reader and they will give up.
  • Don’t be salesly: No one wants to be sold to and these stories won’t be published.
  • Stay relevant to the reader: Keep the story about the interesting details of the project and what’s relevant to the reader, rather than plugging your company (there’ll be time enough for pluggin’ when the reading’s done).
  • Illustrating is always better than explaining: Use photos, diagrams, 3D models, drawings, and even gifs to illustrate your point. The easier for the reader to comprehend the information, the longer they will read on. (Note: You can make gifs using photos or video online for free at

Make sure you read our full Project Article Publishing Guidelines for the best chance of getting published.


Q: What does it cost if my project is published?

A: Nothing. We pick the best stories and create the articles for free, but the chance of your project getting published is subject to demand. You may also hire us to create the article for you, which guarantees that it is published on our site and allows you to publish the story on your own website. Find out more about our services here.

Q: What sort of information should I submit about my project?

A: The submission form contains information on the content we require as part of your submission. These include key facts and figures, the challenges faced, any creative solutions that were developed, etc.

Q: Can I submit a completed article?

A: Yes, you may submit a completed article, so long as it complies with our project article publishing guidelines and it is not duplicated elsewhere online.

Q: Who owns the copyright on the published article?

A: If This Is Construction produces the article for free using your project information, the article is property of This Is Construction as per our Terms & Conditions. 

But, if you submit a completed article and we publish it, you retain ownership of the article and it is published by This Is Construction under a ‘non-exclusive distribution agreement’.

If you hire us to create the article for you, you retain ownership of the article and can publish it wherever you like.

Q: Can I republish the article from This Is Construction on my website?

A: Unfortunately we don’t allow republishing of our articles unless we create them under a paid engagement, as per our Terms & Conditions. We encourage you to include a snippet (30-50 words) of the article on your website with a link to the full article on This Is Construction.

However, if you hire us to create the article for you, then you retain ownership of the article and can publish it on your website and wherever else you like.

Q: Can I submit completed articles on my website to be published on This Is Construction?

A: No, we only accept articles that are exclusive to This Is Construction. We suggest you rewrite the article so that it isn’t classified by Google as duplicate content. We do, however, allow a select number of companies to republish their existing articles on This Is Construction. Get in touch to discuss republishing your existing articles.

Q: Can I review the article before it’s published?

A: Unfortunately not. However, we will immediately notify you once the article is published so you can check for accuracy and we will make changes accordingly.

Q: How do I get a company page and can anyone get one?

A: Any company involved in the construction sector can get a company page. You must have an article published about one of your projects or in the Knowledge Hub to make your company page active. We will create a company page for you after your first article is published. So to attain a company page you must submit a project article or project information and be selected for publishing or submit a technical article into the Knowledge Hub. Alternatively, you may hire us to create an article for you.

Q: But won’t people steal my ideas?

A: The most successful companies and consultants, not just in the construction sector, share their knowledge generously online to demonstrate their expertise to potential customers. This helps them seal their position as leaders in their field and garner new clients whilst charging more for their in-demand services.

The upside of attracting interest, building brand sentiment and gaining clients/customers by openly sharing your expertise and demonstrating your ability is much greater than the downside of someone potentially stealing your ideas.

Q: What’s the catch? How do you make money? Will you charge us in the future?

A: There are no hidden charges and no fees will be introduced in future. Submitting articles and having a company profile on This Is Construction will be free forever. We make money by providing sponsorship opportunities, content marketing services and advertising on the site.

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