This is the world’s first height-adjustable crane system. It was developed by Hutchinson Builders for the Brisbane Skytower project - Brisbane’s largest tower. 

The innovative crane system allowed Hutchies to comply with aviation requirements by encroaching into aircraft airspace during the day and lowering the crane at night below the maximum permitted height of 274 m.

The crane system ultimately allowed the top 4 floors to be retained in the design to reach the maximum building height permitted by CASA.

The innovation of the crane’s design is the purpose-built steel shaft from which the crane is hydraulically lifted up and down. Being cantilevered external to the building allows work to be completed on lower levels while the upper levels are under construction. 

Hutchies’ crane technology is now available industry-wide and suits a range of cranes and bottom climbing systems.

Their innovative height adjustable tower crane system was nominated for an Australian Construction Award 2020 for Innovation Of The Year, which has been postponed until November this year.

Footage courtesy of Hutchinson Builders and Billbergia

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