These technologies are helping to monitor social distancing on site.

Vinnie by uses A.I. to recognise objects and identify risks through on-site cameras. It’s now been trained to identify when workers are too close to each other.

Vinnie by

Genda uses IoT sensors and an app on workers phones to calculate worker density. It alerts workers when there are too many workers in the area. It can also perform contact tracing in the event of a positive case of COVID-19.

Triax Technologies’ wearable IoT sensors attach to a hardhat or belt to detect when workers are too close. It sounds an alarm that gets louder when workers disregard the proximity warning.

Triax Technologies' wearable IoT sensor.

Kwant AI uses a local network on job sites along with wearables to monitor worker locations. It can send real-time alerts on worker proximity and allows you to set the maximum number of workers allowed in a specified area. SMS worker proximity notification.