This tiny device is being called an ‘invisible computer’ and it may transform how workers see construction sites.

Technology startup, Mojo Vision, is developing a smart contact lens they are hailing as the world’s smallest display. The contact lens projects information directly onto your eyeball, even focusing it for you so you can see it clearly.

This allows you to see information wherever you look and without needing to get your phone out or use a bulky augmented reality headset. Practical applications include being able to read subtitles when talking to someone in a different language, track your heart rate and even see better for those visually impaired.

Why we should care..

If you add in augmented reality and take this device to site, the possibilities would be endless - from identifying risks, to seeing BIM objects, and ensuring elements are built correctly -  this could completely transform on-site accuracy and ability.

Recently we’ve seen Melbourne start-up Fologram demonstrate their mixed reality software to give bricklayers visual superpowers. By seeing through the lens where each individual brick was supposed to go, they were able to build complex decorative brick patterns in a matter of hours, instead of days.

Other companies taking augmented reality to site include Astralink and VisualLive. These applications run through either a tablet or a headset and display a BIM model overlaid on the real-life structure. This ensures the works completed on-site match the design which is a game-changer for quality verification.

Mojo Vision takes this concept one step further so you don’t need to wear a headset or use a device which means everyone on site could one day walk around with superpower vision, all the time.